Make Your Own Face Mist

Hi Ladies..
This time I want to share about DIY Face Mist that I made last month, and FYI, this is pretty awesome! But we need more material than the face mist I’ve share before (click here for more info). However, I think this face mist feels more refreshing and has more benefit. So, let’s get started..
Okay, these are what we need :
• Spray bottle, I used a 30 ml bottle and it was last for a week.
• Warm water
• Aloe vera gel
• Vitamin C serum
• Vitamin E oil
• Tea tree oil
Now, just mix all the ingredients by using the following ratios :
aloe vera: Vitamin C: Vitamin E: tea tree = 3 ml: 1 drop: 1 drop: 1 drop
Then the rest is warm water. After that shake the spray bottle to dissolve and blend all ingredients. Face mist was ready to use and can last for two weeks.
These are the benefits of this face mist:
– Aloe vera soothes and cooling the skin
– Vitamin C makes the skin look brighter and glowy
– Vitamin E makes the skin more elastic, moist, as well as extending the expiration of face mist
– Tea tree makes acne dries quickly (because of this function, the tea tree oil is optional, specifically for acne prone skin).
I use this mist face after cleansing the skin and before using cream SPF and moisturizer. I also use it every morning and evening. After one month of using it, I felt my skin more radiant, more supple, and reasonably free of acne than ever before.Since I have an oily face, this face mist is suitable for me.
Yep! So this post. Hope it is useful. Thanks and take care, Ladies. Smooch!


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