The Lippies Products

Hi Ladies..

This time I want to breakdown the lip makeup kit. As we know that so many lip products out there, but what are the differences and what is the function of each products. So, let’s get started.

• Lipstick. We all are know what the lipsticks are and what the lipsticks for. It is basically in the of stick/stem. The lipsticks usually have good pigmentation, some have moisturizer in the formula, and have various finish from sheen, shimmery, glossy, creamy, or matte and opaque.

0909-lipsticks Lipstick_Flirtatous
• Liquid Lip Color or Long Wear Lipstick. Well, this products are the newest form of lip color whereas has a unique formula. It looks liquid or creamy at the beginning but can dry out fast enough and produces a matte finish. In addition, finally there is a liquid lip that has a matte PLUS shimmer finish. It is practically everything-proof, you can eat, drink, speak, swimming, bathing, kissing, and your lips still look perfect! The liquid lip color usually only can be cleaned properly if using oil-based makeup remover.

battle-of-the-liquid-lipsticks maxresdefault
• Lipgloss. Lipgloss usually is the first cosmetics owned by a little girl (oh at least, this trend bombed to the 90s kid, admit it!). The lipgloss was only to give the glossy look or a little natural color of the lips. But now it also gives a touch of vibrant color.

Glamourous-Guava_pack-shot 82424_minty_lip_gloss_df_xl 84_1lipgloss1
• Lipbalm. Basically lipbalm is categorized as a skin care products. But this product is now switching to another level. Now it can protect and give a natural color to the lips.

Burts-Bees-Pink-Grapefruit-lip-balm Eos-Lip-Balm original
• Liptint. This is another type of lipbalm which ultimately is to provide a sheer natural, bright, fresh to the lips. Some liptint products also gives a beautiful luster.

• Lipstain. This product is quite trendy a few years ago because it has some uniqueness than other lip products. That is the formula that is usually very liquid, but can last for several hours. Unlike the liquid lip color, the color is stain like forever even after cleaning with oil-based makeup remover.

• Lipliner. This product is actually a matte lipstick that has shape like a pencil or pen. The function is to make the application of the lipstick easier by drawing the lip line or reaching out to the smallest/most detail part of the lip such as the corners of the lip. Lipliner can be used according to its function or applied as a replacement of the lipstick.

Okay, what kind of lip products that Ladies have at home? Thanks and take care, Ladies. Smooch!


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