Eye Crease Colors

Hi Ladies..
Alright, now the time for transition color! But first, what is a transition color? Basically a transition color is a gradient color between an eyeshadow and your skin tone or between two eyeshadow colors. If it is between two eyeshadow colors, it can be a result of the blending process between those eyeshadows or you apply another color between those two to make an ombre result. For example, if you want to create more natural or wearable look with bright color, then apply brownish or mauve-ish or creamy-ish eyeshadow shade above it then blend it well to reach a right transition shade to your skintone. As another example, if we want to make an electric blue smokey eyes, maybe we add navy shade between electric blue and black shades so the smokey effect looks very smooth.

Well, the transition color that I will mention here is several shades that can balance the eyeshadow color and your skin tone or maybe it use to be called crease color. I use these shades to contour my eyes so that looks more dimension. These shade is all matte, easy to blend, neutral shades, and several products is only available in Indonesia. Swatch on my hand is as shown below.

• NYX Nude Matte in Dance The Tides. This is a warm brown shade, obvi. I’m obsessed with this series because it is nude and matte and with affordable price. Basicly you can use many other colors on this series to contour or just to make your eyes looks warmer. They are Maybe Later, Blame It On Midnight, Tryst, Underneath It All, Bare My Soul.
• LT Pro Perfecting Eye Color EM 02. This color is… kinda cool dark beige color.
• LT Pro Perfecting Eye Color EM 03. I describe this color as neutral soft brown.
• Bless Soft Eye Shadow in Earthy Brown. It looks very similar to Dance The Tides but with cool undertones.
Now I’ll show you the steps to use these eyeshadows.
First, always apply an eyeshadow primer for any type of eyeshadow that will be used. Then by using a large fluffy blending brush, I applied EM 02 (or you can use any grayish beige eyeshadow) along the crease to contour the eyes.

C360_2015-05-22-11-58-42-051 C360_2015-05-22-12-01-20-153
Then by using a flat blending brush, I applied Dance The Tides over previous eyeshadow as a bronzer.

Then by using a smaller blending brush, I applied EM 03 just on the outer part of the crease of the eye.

Then I use a matte vanilla shade along the brow bone as a highlight. Okay, then just use your favorite eyeshadow (I use a bronze ream eyeshadow like I had mentioned here) on the eyelid, then draw an eyeliner, and apply a mascara or false eyelashes.

Well, hopefully this post will be helpful. So thanks and take care, Ladies. Ciao!


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