Eyeshadow Primer VS Eyeshadow Base

Hi, Ladies..

Some people ask me, what’s the difference between the eyeshadow primer and the eyeshadow base. Well, let’s get started.

There is a fundamental difference regarding these two cosmetics products. Eyeshadow primer has the same function as the face primer, that is to prepare the skin for all the products that will be worn later, withstand natural oils so eyeshadow does not clump or creasing (which means to make the eyeshadow last longer), to fix the discoloration on the skin, to make the skin looks smoother (which means the eyeshadow more blendable), and many others. Eyeshadow primer also usually have the same consistency or texture such as face primer, which is lightweight, easy to absorb, and quite creamy.

On the other hand, the function of eyeshadow base is almost the same as the foundation, it’s like a canvas before we start “painting”. Another function of eyeshadow base is to make the eyeshadow colors more vibrant and to make other products such as shimmer or glitter is attached. Eyeshadow base typically have a more solid / viscous than the eyeshadow primer. Many products that can be used to be an eyeshadow base, for example gel eyeliner, eyeliner pencil, concealer, or even cream foundation.

Eyeshadow base basically do not have the ability to withstand the natural oils in the eye, but now many cosmetic industry featuring these two functions in a single product. Some even add shimmer or matte texture on the formula that adds a plus in its use.

Then how to use the product? Just like the face makeup, the primer first and then the base.

Then when these two products should wear? Well, for me personally, the eyeshadow primer is a must because the functions that I mentioned above (even when I only apply an eyeliner as an eye makeup look). While eyeshadow base is an option, depending on the type of eyeshadow that will be used and the mood.

Alright, that’s all about the eyeshadow primer and the eyeshadow base. Thanks and take care, Ladies.


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