All Time Favorite Lip Brushes

Hi Ladies..
This time I’m gonna talk about my favorite lip brushes. Generally, a lip brush is a small brush with pointed tip. But I have some other brushes to use on the lip.  Let’s get started.



  • Classic lip brush. As I mentioned above, this brush is small and has tapered or pointed tip. Surely it is suitable for applying any kind of lipsticks.


  • Slanted / angled brush. This asymmetrical brush I usually use for drawing a lip line using a liquid or matte lipstick or lipstick that has a dark color.The reason I use this brush is that its asymmetric and flat tip is very precise, so that I can be used any lipstick as a lip liner. It makes the application of lipstick easier and neater, because matte or liquid lipstick is usually more difficult to remove due to its pigmentation and texture.


  • Small flat brush. Basically this brush is larger than classic lip brush so it can can make the application of creamy lipstick easier. It can also blend the lipstick neatly so I can make ombre lips easily. Creamy lipstick usually has a smooth and soft texture and easy to shift. By using a flat brush, lipstick can be applied more easily and evenly.


  • Concealer brush. I normally use this brush for applying concealed for smoothing or eliminating melted or scraped lipstick in the outer lip line so that the lips look more presentable.

Okay, that’s a wrap. Thanks and take care, Ladies.


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