Fresh Makeup for Summer

Okay, hands up if you’re summer ready! Due to summer holiday that come very soon, I want to post a step by step fresh makeup pictorial. Let’s get started.



Firstly first, clean your face then put your favorite moisturizer. I used moisturizer with SPF so it will hydrate and protect my skin from sunburn. Then wait until it absorbed perfectly, maybe about 5 minutes.

k2-_e3497a8b-09c9-4554-a23b-3dcda7bcfde6.v1 C360_2015-05-08-10-32-33-499


Then apply a face primer so my makeup will last all day, doesn’t crease or clump, and at the same time make my facial pores appear smaller.

ae9006e930454eb6bdd5f4b92ad726c1-450x450 C360_2015-05-08-10-36-36-270


Then apply a liquid bronzer so that my face looks more glowy.

dr.+h+bronze+concentrate C360_2015-05-08-10-42-30-285


Then apply CC cream instead of foundation and BB cream. I prefer using CC cream which already contains sunscreen when go outdoors.

Olay-Total-Effects-7-in-1-Pore-Minimizing-CC-Cream-300 C360_2015-05-08-10-44-36-726


Then apply concealer just to disguise my eyebags and then blend with a finger to make it looks more natural.

instant-age-rewind-the-eraser-eye_pack-shot-crop C360_2015-05-08-10-45-36-533 C360_2015-05-08-10-48-56-467


Then set a thin layer of a translucent powder.

2254920 C360_2015-05-08-10-50-21-693


Then apply a little shimmer in the highest part of the cheekbone.

Lancome-Highlighter-Rose-Etincelle C360_2015-05-08-10-52-25-761


Then begin to do your eyes and eyebrows. Don’t forget to apply a waterproof, smudgeproof, or sweatproof products. Well in the summer, maybe we will sweat heavily or go swimming so a waterproof mascara or brow products are a must.



Then apply a little contour powder on the hollow of the cheek and shimmery pink blusher on the apple of the cheek.

14110 C360_2015-05-08-11-13-24-606


Then apply matte nude lipstick and you’re done.



Next post is about brushes that I use on the lips. Thanks and take care, Ladies. Ciao!



Click here for full glam look.


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