How To : Get Rid Of Large Pores

Hai, Ladies..


This time I want to discuss about the facial pores. Who has the large pores so like to feel not sure to wear any makeup on? Aging, unwashed makeup, pollution and weather took part in the enlargement of the pores on our face. However there are some ways to avoid it. We discuss one by one, c’mon..


The first step is to make sure that our hands are always clean and never touch your face with your hands, fingers or fingernails. That means avoid squeezing pimples, blackheads, or fraudulent slough scar / dead skin with our hands. I’m not say that our hands are more dirty than the brush or beauty blender. But for real, we use our hands all the time and imagine the germs and bacteria living on it. Let’s try about one month does not squeeze blackheads with our bare hands, so our pores will appear smaller.


The second step is to do a pore cleansing twice a week, it can be by using pore strap, facial scrub, or a high-speed brush like clarisonic or olay.


The third step is the “fix” the large pores with a slice of lemon, ice cubes (for sensitive skin), or a face mask (do once a week). The third way actually help shrink pores, plumping the skin, skin tone, and inhibits the formation of natural oils face.


The fourth step is to always use a face primer that made from soft silicon before applying makeup. As I have previously mention on another post : for skin with large pores, apply a face primer by dab and pat it. That’s because the face primer will help fill in the facial pores and make it look smooth. Do not fear it will actually clog pores. Precisely if using foundation, corrector, or concealer without the use of primers, that clog pores and make the natural oil on our face going crazy.


The fifth step is if we have large pores, we have to be careful when using  shimmer blush, bronzer, or highlight due to shimmer like a magnifying glass that makes our pores more visible. Use shimmer only in the highest part of the cheekbone.


Okay, so this post. Thanks and take care, Ladies. Ciao!



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