Knowing Your Lips

Okay, pay attention, Ladies. Because today I will make a mess by addressing the parts that exist on our lips. Alright, let’s begin..


a. Cupid’s Bow, is the arch on the upper lip. Highlight in this section to give the effect of fuller lips.

b. Outer Corner of the Lips. To give the effect of fuller lips, give contour on this part by using a darker C360_2015-04-26-20-36-42-029lipstick shade.

c. Natural Lip Line. Before wearing a lipstick, apply a lip pencil along the lip line to confirm, correct, or display the desired shape of the lips.

d. Upper lip.

e. Lower lip.

f. Teardrop, is the basin between the lower lip to the chin skin. Contour this part for giving the effect of plump lips.

g. Inner Rim Area. Apply lipstick only on this part for natural and cute look.

h. Center of the Lips. Apply lip gloss or highlight in this section to display a fuller lips.


Okay, just like that. For next post, might be about the brushes for lips. So don’t forget to follow for updates. Thanks and take care, Ladies. Ciao!



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