Step By Step : Full Glam

Okay, Ladies..
I finally found a little motivation to write about the contour and highlights. In addition, because it’s my period so I’m having breakout and acne on my skin, so I’ll write about correcting skin to cover redness, acne, and dark circle. This is a full makeup so might be too heavy for daily basis. Let’s get started.
Firstly first, clean your face, obviously.

Then apply your favorite moisturizer and leave for about 5 minutes. Then apply a face primer: I patted it on my nose and other parts that have large pores, and rubbed it on the other parts.

Then aplly green corrector on the redness and acne prone skin. I apply it around my nose, on my chin, and around the jawline. And yellow corrector for acne scar. Then blend the correctors until your skin looks even or so.

20150422_120257 20150422_120414
Then apply a concealer that has the same shade as your skintone to cover the corrected parts.

Then apply orange corrector on the under eye circle and blend it. Then conceal it like previous step.

20150422_120938 20150422_121259
Then apply a thin layer of liquid foundation. We use liquid because we’ll use cream highlight and contour. On my face, I don’t wearing foundation but CC cream because it has light coverage and it makes my skin looks healthy and glowy.

Then apply a cream contour on the hollow of the cheek, on the bridge-side of the nose, along the eye crease, near the hairline, and on the jawline. Then blend it well.

20150422_121741 20150422_121933
Then apply a cream highlight on the under eye area, on the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, on the forehead, on the tip of the chin, and on the cupid’s bow. Gues what.. Blend it!

20150422_122052 20150422_122230
Then set the highlight by using translucent powder and while waiting the highlight is set, we do our eye makeup.

20150422_122415 20150422_123216
After finishing the eye makeup, clean the clumps of translucent powder by using buffing brush, or classic powder brush. Then set the contour by using contour powder.

20150422_123321 20150422_123654
Finally, apply bronzer on the skin that looks pale and a lithe blusher on the apple of the cheek. Don’t forget to beautify your lips, too.

20150422_124033 20150422_125657
Well, too many steps? Yes, indeed. Actually, this makeup is usually use for photo or video shooting, bridal, or party that need extra glam than everyday look. The pictures below are the final look from the left side, the right side, and the front side.

side by side
Next post is about lips. So follow for updates. Thanks and take care, Ladies. Ciao!

PS : Click here for knowing your face’s parts, and here for knowing the face makeup products.


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