Bronzing and Contouring

Hi Ladies..
It’s been a week or more since my last post. I was very busy, so couldn’t translate my last post in Bahasa about bronzing and contouring. But I’m here now and I’m ready. So yeah.. let’s begin.
Firstly first, bronzing and contouring is a different process and need a different products which has different undertone (click here for more undertone thing). Right, maybe it’s a little confusing. So let say that the contour is for dimension/shadow and the bronzer is for warming the final look (click here for the complete definition, function, and so on).
Well .. there are the keywords from the definitions above, those are shadow and warm. As we know, that the shadow is a plot of the surface that is not exposed to light, the shadow has cool characteristic. If we associate all this with undertone then it is clear that for contouring, we need a product that has a cool undertone.
Cool undertone products that we use for contouring can be a powder, liquid, cream or stick foundation or concealer that is 2 or 3 shades darker than the color of our skintone and has a pink undertone. So when it placed side by side with warm undertone products, it looks grayish. Like the one in this picture. The three shades on the bottom might be darker than our skin tone but perfect color for contouring is located in the center (marked with an asterisk). If we compare it to the color on right and left, the color in the center looks more grayish so certainly has a cool undertone.

As for bronzing, we need a product that has a warm undertone (like the one on the left). However, although the exact color for bronzing need a yellow undertone, but we still have to choose the adjusted color, not so orange-ish but the tan ones. So our skin will be look healthy, glowy, and sexy.
That’s all about the differences between contour and bronzer. Next post will be about step by step contouring, bronzing, concealing, and so on for special occasion. So stay tune and don’t forget follow me for updates. Ciao!


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