Make Your Own Makeup Setting Spray

Okay, at this time I want to give you guys a simple and quick tips AND it can make your makeup long last all day (yeah!). Do you guys remember about my post about setting spray (alright, you can find it here). The makeup setting spray is a cosmetics that can make your makeup last longer and creaseless, as well as hydrating our skin, and make our eyeshadow more vibrant.

Well, now I will give a review of my own setting spray, my DIY setting spray. Yes, setting spray can be so pricey and there is the way to make your own, so why don’t we give a try. All we have to prepare are :

  • A small spray bottle, it can be found in any department stores or accessories shops.
  • Rose water, or maybe you can make your own rose water by boiling the rose petals and let it stand in a cool place overnight.
  • Mineral water.

0000947_empty-spray-bottle-50-ml 09-08-2012-air-sari--Mawar-P mineralwater

How to create a makeup setting spray is also quite easy, just poured enough rose water into a spray bottle and add mineral water until the bottle is full, then shake it well. My own makeup setting spray made up of ¼ rose water and ¾ mineral water.

Now we’re talking about the longevity of the DIY setting spray. On my skin it last about 4-5 hours before I have to do a little touch up. Eventhough my makeup still stays perfectly, no creasing, no shifting.

So basically, for everyday use I prefer the DIY setting spray, because it’s cheap, good longevity, and small bottle make it easy to take anywhere. Oh, before I forgot, because we use mineral water, this may limit its use is only for 2-3 weeks, then we make another one. Throwing my old setting spray is never so easy like this, LOL. Seriously, because the rose water can be found anywhere in any drugstore and the making process is so simple. Actually, we can replace the rose water with glycerine. It can be found in any drugstores too.

Okay, it’s enough about setting spray, I hope you can make your own and satisfy as I am 🙂


3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Makeup Setting Spray

  1. Saya barusan bikin berkat resepnya mbk.. Dr kmaren kumpulin bahan dl, bli lg yg MR walau sdh ada viva rose water krn baunya jg haruman yg it, viva u/ cmpuran mask aj.. Cheap n easy, wish setting spray dr olshop out aja. Tengkis mbk.. Hehe


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