Skintone and Undertone

Hi ladies..
I want to ask, who is often buy a foundation but with a wrong shade? Yep! This time about the colors in cosmetics. Let’s get started..
As you may alreadwarm-cool-WC-copy6y know there are warm colors (warm tones) which is usually represented by the colors red, orange, yellow, green and all shades in between and cool colors (cool tones) which is usually represented by the colors green, blue, purple, and all shades in between. Black, white, and gray are not included into two categories because these colors have a separate category that is neutral.
In the cosmetics industries, the term of warm colors and cool colors are also available. First, I will discuss about the complexion. We may agree, that human complexion is brown gradation of color, some have very fair-brown skin tone that is nearly white, and there is also a deep brown skin tone. Brown color that I mentioned earlier is just the appearance. There is one thing that distinguishes somebody’s skin with another skin which has very similar tone. It is an undertone.
Ever heard of it? If yes, nice… Knowing our own skin undertone can make us successful in makeup thing, hehehe, but seriously, it’s foreal. Have u ever see someone, or even ourself, look very pale, so creased, or look like being poisoned, even when they are on the full-cake mode? One reason, maybe because the shade(especially foundation and powder) is not in accordance with their undertone. These are some ways to know our skin undertone.

  1. See the vein at the wrist. If it looks more greenish, then you may have warm undertone. Conversely, if it looks more bluish, you may have cool undertone. Meanwhile, when you had difficulty in determining the color of the vein, you possibly have neutral undertone.
  2. Take gold and silver jewelry, which jewelry make your skin look glowy and beautiful? If gold, then you are likely to have warm undertone. Conversely, if the silver, you are likely to have cool undertone.
  3. When choosing clothes, what color clothes make you look more fab? If red, yellow, or earthy colors, you may have warm Undertone. If purple, blue, or green emerald, you may have cool Undertone. And if you really fabulous in any color, maybe you have neutral Undertone.
  4. Try to leave the house when the weather is sunny or hot. If you burn, you may have cool undertone. And if your skin being tan, well, you may have warm undertone then.
  5. Now we use neutral colors such as black and white. If you look more spectacular with the use of blackest black and whitest white then you are likely to have cool undertone. But if you look more spectacular when using off white, pearly white, tan, latte of espresso shade then maybe you have warm undertone.

By five ways above, now you know your undertone. Now we turn to the definition of cool and warm undertone itself. Just as the discussion about cool and warm shades that have been written above, cool undertone is a reddish hue (actually pinkish anyway). While warm Undertone is yellowish hue. So imagine that under the layer of our skin, there is a pink or yellow color which became the basis of the color of our skin.

Everyone has one undertone, no matter what the color of their skin. So it doesn’t means the person who has light skin tone has cool undertone and person of color has warm undertone. Though many people are deep skin tone but still looks super fabulous when wear frosty pink shirt or lipstick and very fair skin tone can be looked too pale when wearing red shirt or red lipstick.

Well, back to the matter of foundation shade. Now you already know your true undertone so when you buy a foundation, choose the shade that has the same undertone with yours. The easiest way is by eliminating the wrong shade by try one drop of each available foundation (don’t blend it, because choosing the right undertone when it blended is confusing and difficult) then compare each other. Then we see which foundation shade is pink or yellow undertone, according to our undertone. Then if we already found the exact foundation, we choose the shade that match your skin tone. Finally, we will look more glowy and more beautiful with the right shade of foundation.
Okay, enough about undertone. Actually I want to write about the contour and bronzer, too. But I think it’ll be on next post. So,don’t forget to follow for the updates. Ciao!


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