Cosmetics on a Daily Basis

Hello ladies 😉

Now I’m gonna write about products that we use as face makeup. As we know that makeup industry has really grown. The formula in cosmetics can be solid, liquid, cream, powder, gel, and so on, you name it. Allright, let’s begin.

  • Primer. This is the first product we put on out skin after we moisturize it. The function is to disguise fine line and wrinkles, diminish large pores, help makeup last longer, even out or brightening the skin tone, and reduce “natural oil appearance” on your face. Actually, this product has its pros and cons associated with the polymer and silicones content in it. However, without the polymer and silicones, the primary will not work well, hehe… For someone who have big pores like me, the face primer really help me for reaching a flawless look.

ae9006e930454eb6bdd5f4b92ad726c1-450x450 Primer-make-up7-190732_L 4_spackle-under-makeup-primer

  • Corrector. This product is used for correcting blemishes and balance the skin tone. Corrector consists of several colors; orange to balance bluish skin, yellow to balance purple-ish skin, and green to balance reddish skin (just remember a color wheel). Acne scars, dark circles, bruises or scars can be removed with the origin of the color corrector worn as needed.

82colorcamoquad_ph001 300 83801_complecperfect_zoom

CW-500x750 Lavender_Corrector__04844.1407572143.1280.1280 nyx-corrector-en-frasco-concealer-jar-yellow

  • Concealer. After reaching an even skin tone, then use concealer to conceal, of course, the flaw such as acne scar, dark circles or near the nostril. It also can be used for highlighting the brow bone or the tip of the chin.

Clinique-Concealer-Line_Smoothing_Concealer dream-mousse-concealer full_cover_12301

HideTheBlemishConcealer_TEASER_0 instant-age-rewind-the-eraser-eye_pack-shot-crop prolongwear-concealer-nc15-300

  • Foundation. Once the skin nearly flawless, then we use a foundation. The function of using this foundation here is more like a canvas before we paint something on it. Always choose the foundation that has a similiar tone with our face and neck skin tone so it bring a natural look for us. As my experience, choosing the right foundation is also a struggle lol. Sometimes the color tone looks allright and the same with ours, but when we apply it on our face it looks ashy, dull, or dead. Ladies, let me tell you, it happen because the color of foundation is not match with your undertone (but I will discuss about this undertone thing another time, maybe 2-3 post later).

5c767cdd4e9236be9626e0a71336d21e airbrush-makeup-foundation-matte-finish-m10-golden-carmel-water-based-makeup-long-lasting-all-day-without-smearing-running-fading-or-caking-0-25-oz-bottle-by-glam-air_57324 Photoperfexion.jpg best-makeup-foundation-2013-for-oily-skin-acne

Check-the-Foundation-Formula Foundation-powder-face-mineral-makeup-shade-medium-skin TOM-FORD-BEAUTY-Traceless-Foundation-Stick-in-Pale-Dune UK200008688_LAURA_MERC

  • Contouring. Time to paint! Our face that has been wearing foundation will certainly look pale and flat, then it is time we put on the contour. Contouring is the activity gives the impression dimension by adding a shadow on the surface of the skin. What look and feature we want to reach by applying a contour? High cheekbones, tiny nose, narrow forehead, fuller lips, deeper eyes, or more pointed chin? All we can do by contouring. But be careful, because applying the contour might make your face become more bizarre than usual LOL. Basically, Ladies, we’ve all been blessed; face and bone structure and beautiful skin, so this actually contouring activities to strengthen the features that we have had before, not changing our face into the face of another person.

71c1Jt+IGUL._SL1500_ 14110 fb29d8fa-9394-4bec-9bc1-82b6198bb8d2

  • Highlight. Where there is a contour, then there is a highlight. If we apply the contour ONLY and without highlight, then our face will become, what should i say? Dull, maybe? Because contour is to make a shadow and highlights are affected surface light. Therefore, the function of highlights here is to balance our face so that the effect is more visible contouring and more 3D image on our picture.

31yu2OmaiCL 2254859 Benefit_Cosmetics-Teint-High_Beam_Highlighter

benefit-cosmetics-watts-up-highlighter-d-20110928181455917~151100 Lancome-Highlighter-Rose-Etincelle Screen-Shot-2012-02-10-at-11.14.28-AM

  • Bronzer. Although with the contour and highlights, our face still looks pale. Therefore we apply a bronzer for more healthy and warm skin.

tumblr_inline_mqowhrELJ31qz4rgp tart-glam-gams-bronzing-stick Mua-Makeup-Academy-Sunkissed-Glow-Mosaic-Bronzer-2374-847161-1-product2 Larenim-Mineral-Bronzer-Goddess-Glo-Light-670188123718

dr.+h+bronze+concentrate body-shop-brush-on-beads 84169m_l

  • Blusher. Okay, at this point we have free skin blemishes, looks brighter and healthier and more dimension. So it’s time we give a little color on your face to make it look more flushed and “live”.

1_benefit-cosmetics-benetint 6310_mineral_blush_XL blush_pinkparadise.1 Revlon-Cream-Blush-2556

p187135b get-the-gloss-contouring-bobbi-brown-pot-rouge-in-coral-calypso-copy gallery_elf-liquid-headliner Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Coral Reef

  • Powder. With all the layers of gel, liquid, and cream that we have used before, then we set it all by using a powder, it can be a translucent or toned ones. The powder help the cosmetics we have applied before stay in place and doesn’t shift. In my opinion, colorless or translucent powder makes our look more natural even we have used tons of product under it (well, natural in the pictures and photos, of course. If in real life, there’s no such thing like natural look when we apply many layers on our face, lmao. Cakey and thick makeup always visible).

tumblr_inline_mh5k5eqBNA1qdetvy laura-marcier-powder 10664494-1415785802-604074 2254920

  • Setting spray. If there is a hairspray that can make out hair-do last longer so this setting spray do the same thing to our makeup. Make makeup stick perfectly, withstand natural oils, diminish creasing concealer up to a few hours ahead, and make our skin look glowing and healthy. Basicly the reason that we don’t have to do a touch up for 3 to 16 hours sound very great for me, and this is why I need a setting spray in my life.

71080 urban-decay-de-slick-oil-control-makeup-setting-spray-xl-size-60-us-fl-oz skindinavia-makeup-finish-spray s1298272-main-Lhero

  • Remover. For those who love their skin, do not ever forget to clean your face after a long day of wearing makeup. I chose to clean makeup before washing the face, so my skin feel so fresh, smooth, and clean.

9ab1f63d32715b5d57c6caa62b86c3d4 6815125_320x385 totaleffectsmakeupremoverforfaceeyes265x265 Product-Detail_Face-Care_11137_Face_Foaming_Makeup_Remover_lrg439-111631 Andrea_Eye_Qs_Makeup_Remover_Pads_Ultra_Quick__81587.1410905533.600.600

Too many layers on the skin? Well, I can not say no to agree, hehe… I personally do not recommend wearing it on a daily basis. After all it depends on the person, if you enjoy wearing makeup all day and everyday, there you go. If you ain’t type of makeup person, there you go. 😀

Maybe several of you still don’t get what the difference between contouring and bronzing. Since the products on the market tend to equate to contouring and bronzing products. Well, be patient .. For the next article is about the difference for contouring and bronzing products. So follow for updates well. Ciao!


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