Knowing Your Face

Well, hello again, guys! I’ve been busy this week and I decided to translate my last post (it was written in Indonesian) when I was free, so here it is.

A few months ago I was writing about the parts of the eye, well this time I will describe parts of the face. Do not shut down first, because it is not part of the face that we know in general such as the cheeks, forehead, chin, etc .. But something more detailed. The goal is to help us, especially when applying makeup such as contouring, highlighting, bronzing and blushing on, so that the overall appearance looks natural even though we use tons of products, hehehe ..

a. Hairline, refers to the part on the top of forehead which began to appear fine hairs which in turn is part of the hair.

b. Temple, refers to the skin on the side of the forehead which is parallel to the arch of the eyebrow.

c. Under eye, refers to the skin where the eye bags are.

d. Bridge of the nose, refers to the skin along the nasal bones.

e. Tip of the nose, refers to the highest part of the nose.

f. Cheekbone, refers to the skin that is on the bottom of the outer edge of the eye.

g. Apple of the cheek, refers to the skin under the eyes that is bulging when we smile.


h. Hollow of the cheek, refers to the skin on the bottom of cheekbones darkening when we smile, starting from the tip of the ear to the bottom of the apple of the cheek.

i. Cupid’s bow, refers to the arch on the upper lip.

j. Cupid’s bow dimple, refers to the skin that goes inward along the upper lip, ranging from Cupid’s bow toward the bottom of the nose (between the nostrils)

k. Tear drop, refers to the hollow on the bottom lip.

l. Jawline, refers to the line that forms the bottom of the face, starting from the earlobe to the chin.

m. Tip of the chin, refers to the center of the chin, or the bottom of the face.

n. Forehead, refers to the top center of the face, well we all know it’s forehead where lmao!

Well, the next post will be about the main brushes that I use to apply facial makeup. So, follow for updates. Ciao!


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