Step by Step : Natural Look

Hi, everybody.. On this post, I will make everything simple yet detail. so enjoy this pictorial. Like my intention to be simple, I used the most simplest color, that is brown. It is because brown is a neutral color and can be used in any occasion, with any cloths, and mixed with any color. So, here it is..

1. Apply the eyeshadow primer all over the lid and the lower lash line also. I chose sienna and applied it along my crease area by using the blending brush. Blend.. blend.. blend..

2. Then I applied sepia to the outer corner of the eye by using the eyeshadow brush and blend it well with the color of sienna.

3. Then I used the color of vanilla and applied it to the lid by using lid brush. Always blend every color you applied on your eyes to make it more definition.

4. I took my pencil brush and used the color of sepia to the lower lash line.

5. Then I used a liquid liner to line my eyeliner (what a clause!).

6. I used gold color on my waterline.

7. I chose the color of champagne as a highlight on my eye duct.

8. Last one, put some mascara to open your eyes. you can stop here or put some lashes also to make your eyes more open and beautifier your whole look.

Click here for the parts of the eye. Click here for the eyeshadow brush article. Click here for the eye makeup product. 

Next post will be about eyeliner and mascara application. So don’t forget to follow for updates.



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