It’s About Filling Your Eyebrow

Hi everyone!

It’s been a week since my last post. So tonight (in Indonesia) I’ll be writing about how to filling the eyebrow. I’ll make it very simple, because we are a pro in shaping the eyebrow (haha, oh and if you are not pro yet, you’d better read this and this one).


The tools that we need only spooley brush, brow wax / brow gel, brow pencil / brow powder, angled / brow brush and lip brush. Ladies, here’s the steps:

First, first brush the eyebrows so neatly using spooley brush. At the picture, I brushed my eyebrows upwards, then slightly oblique to follow the natural shape of my eyebrows. You see, I have a bit of an empty area in the brow arch.

1 brush the eyebrow

Then I applied some brow wax to tame my eyebrows in place. The use of brow wax also make a wet look on my eyebrows so that the overall look fresh and neat.

2 apply some brow wax

Then I started to fill my eyebrows using brow powder and angled / brow brush. First I drew a line across the bottom and the top of my eyebrows. Then without adding any brow powder again, I blended the color of the line that’s been made ​​into the middle of the eyebrows.

3 fill the eyebrow

Finally, I brushed a little section that is too thick on my eyebrows using a spooley brush and tadaaa… my eyebrows look more natural and full.

4 brush the filled eyebrow and done

So.. Easy, right? For a younger and fresher look, choose a 1 or 2 shade lighter than your natural color.

For my next post, I may write how to get a natural eyeshadow look. So, follow for updates well. Ciao!


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