How To : Shape Your Eyebrow

Happy weekend, guys! This time I’ll be writing how to shape our eyebrows. Well, this is important because the eyebrows are the frame of the eye that can make or break your appearance. The eyebrow shape that suits your face will make the whole face would seem more character and bright.

Okay, this may look like a crazy maths, but this is what I found when shaping my own eyebrows. Can be seen in the picture below that there are numbers 1-6, and yes .. that’s my steps in shaping the eyebrows to match the eyes and facial structure as a whole (by the way, ignore the large pores and oily skin (> . <)). Simply put, here’s how.

  1. By using an eyebrow pencil I will give the starting point obtained from draw a vertical line from the tip of the nostril through the eyeduct area up to the head of the eyebrow.
  2. Then I will give a second point obtained from draw a diagonal line from the tip of the nostrils through the outer corner of the eyes to the brow tail area or about 45 degrees from line 1.
  3. Finally, I will look straight ahead and then draw a diagonal line from the tip of the nostril past the outer part of the iris and into the eyebrows, that’s where I would put one point to the curve of the eyebrow. Then I will draw a diagonal line, this time passing the outside of the pupil and I will put one point to the peak of the brow arch. Or for simpler way, brow arch’ peak can be obtained by drawing a vertical line from the outer cornet of the eye toward the brow.


In addition, if you are still not sure what it should be as high as when creating the brow arch, so that the overall performance doesn’t look too dramatic, this method can be used…

  1. Draw a horizontal line from the brow head towards the brow tail.
  2. Draw a horizontal line from the lower end of the iris to the left and right side.
  3. Okay, this section began confusing but I’ll try to explain it as simple and as good as possible: By using a ratio of 1:1 (OMG! Feeling really maths), create another horizontal line by a distance equal to the line 4-5 in the top of the line 4. And eventually you find the peak of your eyebrow arch fit the shape of your eyes and your face.

How, is that complicated? Well, it’s just a theory, and the theory is must be complicated, hahaha … But if you guys already know the basic then practicing it certainly makes your skill perfect so you don’t need to draw a line or measure it by the brush anymore 😉

Anyway, next post is related to this part, it’s about filling your eyebrow. It must be exciting because I’ll be using several eyebrow products. So don’t forget to follow. Ciao!


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