How To : Groom Your Eyebrow

It’s been a while since I posted something to WP, but now I’m back, guys! Tonight, I’ll be writing how to groom your eyebrow (finally, yay!). So some things needed to make all this happen : eyebrow pencil, spooley brush, eyebrow scissors (or whatever small scissors), eyebrow tweezers, and eyebrow razor (you must be extra carefully when use this things, especially if you have arthritis or tremor, you’d better asked someone to get your eyebrow groomed). Yeah, let’s get started.


Firstly first, by using the brow pencil, draw a line from the brow head area along your brow line through the brow tail. Then look in the mirror, if your eyebrows are already reflected in balance or not.


Take your spooley brush, and brush your brow upwards. If there is hair that comes out of the boundary line brow that has been made, by using the brow scissors trim it carefully so that its length is equal to the boundary line brow.

C360_2014-12-10-16-43-06-186 C360_2014-12-10-16-42-55-644 C360_2014-12-10-16-43-59-254

If there is still eyebrow hair around the outside of the boundary line, then remove the hair by using tweezers. For the first time using tweezers, maybe this will be painful but I sprinkle baby powder in the hair-bearing skin, and believe me … it will minimize the pain (and idk why, if u asked).


Or if the above method does not work, maybe you could use the brow razor to clear the eyebrow hair or fine hairs around the boundary line that was created earlier. But make sure you have a hand that can grip the razor perfectly. I had a bad experience with this razor, my hand slipped when I did my eyebrow, and then I had the worst natural eyebrow ever!

C360_2014-12-10-16-46-56-845 C360_2014-12-10-16-47-03-304

Do the same thing with another eyebrow and… from now, when your brows are perfect and even, you’ll keep it always on point.

C360_2014-12-10-16-48-55-587 eyebrows_on_fleek_bumper_bumper_sticker

So what do you think, is my way yay or nay? Next post is about shaping and filling your eyebrow, so follow for the updates. Ciao!


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