Your Make Up Has Its Name

Attention! This post is longer than previous ones, and my English is messy like my make up drawer, but I hope you guys still enjoy reading it 😉

I decided to write about eye make up product first than how to shape the eyebrow. It is because I think it’s way easier to make an eyeshadow look if we know what product we gonna use.

The eyebrow products :

  • Brow pencil, is a quick and easy way to add more emphasis and definition to your eyebrow. It can be a manual pencil that has to be sharpen everytime or a retractable pencil which is more comfy to use.

  • Brow gel, is used to keep eyebrow hair in place. I use the gel to shape your eyebrows and direct the hairs in particular direction. Eyebrow gel comes in a small glass or plastic bottle with an attached brush, similar to mascara. The attached brush is designed for grooming the eyebrows.

  • Brow powder, it is use to fill the eyebrow and it has a natural finish. The brow powder might be a loose one or a pressed one.

  • Brow pomade, its creamy formula is ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that glides on skin and adheres to hair.

  • Brow pen, I use this to get a precision brow styling. I use brow pen to fill in sparse areas, fake a lush fullness, or simply shape and define look.

  • Brow wax, this used for grooming brows and holding hair in place. I apply it before using the brow powder or brow pencil for more definition and waterproof finish.

Wow, there’s many kind of product that can be choose. If you guys ask me which product is better, well I can decide it because all of the products is worth it for keeping ke brow game strong. I prefer brow pencil for daily and use brow pomade and brow gel for more glamour look.

The Eye Make Up Products :

  • Primer, okay, this is the most important thing when you will do a make up look. It is because the primer helps the eyeshadow easily to blend, the color is more vibrant and stay true, the eyes look last longer, and it may hide the imperfection of your eyelid like vein or discoloration.

  • Eyeshadow, now we know many kinds of eyeshadow such as pressed, loose, cream, pencil, liquid, baked and so on. And there is a pigments, too that has more vibrant color and can be blended with some sealing gel to get a new color of eyeliner. Beside that, there is more finish look like matte, velvet, shimmer, satin, pearl, duo chrome, etc.

  • Eyeliner, it is like the eyeshadow development, it has so many kinds of eyeliner. We know pencil liner, gel liner, liquid liner, kohl liner, and sticker liner! And more color of it from red to purple, from white to black, and from matte to sparkle finish. You guys can add some glitter for more fun.


  • Mascara, well, you know.. in 2014 brow and lashes game strong! You can find mascara with many kind of wand and finish look. I prefer a mascara that long wear and makes my lashes look longer, thicker, has more definition.


Phew.. Do you think it is a lot? I’m agree with you J. But don’t worry, you don’t have to use it everytime. I just wear the eyeliner and mascara for daily activities but I do wear all of it for more glamourous one.

And this is the other tools for our make up collection.

  • Eyelash curler, it beautifies your lashes. But don’t you ever press this harder, because your natural lashes may fall.

  • Fake lashes, the ultimate thing to make some glam.

  • Lashes glue, it helps the fake lashes stick to our eye line.

  • Makeup remover, the easiest and quickest way to remove your make up. But it won’t makes redness on your skin.

  • Glitter and rhinestone, it is fun to explore you make up look with this sparkle things.

  • Glitter glue, you need it to stick the glitter and rhinestone you play with.

  • Sealing gel, it is literally a magical gel that can seal you makeup become waterproof and by mixing it with any pressed or loose eyeshadow or pigments, you will have many new shades of eyeliners.

Gee, it is really a struggle.. You know, translating this post from Indonesian to English one, huhu. But I hope you know what I mean.

For the next post, I promise, I will write how to shape your eyebrow. So don’t forget to follow for the updates. Ciao!


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