The Parts of Your Eyebrow

Well, today I’m gonna write about the parts of an eyebrow. Sometimes we forget that we had the eyebrows whereas if we shape or groom our eyebrow, it can make the whole look seems different. As Claudia Soare’s said that “Eyebrow shaping is an instant face-lift . It may opening up the eyes and brightening up your face. In five minutes your whole face looks better.”the parts of eyebrow

a. The brow head, it starts from the inner brow hair that is on a line with the tear duct. The thicker your brow hair in this area, the bolder look you get.

b. The brow arch, refers to the curve on the eyebrow. It might be in line with the outer pupil near the outer corner of the eyes. The higher curve you have/draw, the more mysterious or sexy look you get.

c. The brow tail, refers to the end of your brow.

d. The brow bone, well, I had explain about it on my previous post. So you can find it here.

Since the face shape and the natural eyebrow shape is unique. First you had your eyebrow groomed, you want to keep it game strong, hahaha..

Complicated? Nah! I swear. Only practice that can make it even and on point.

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Sneak a peak for the next post : eye makeup brushes.


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